We use breath to measure fat burn.

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How does it work ?


Breathe a little into Fabulyzer and we will give you a precise indication of fat-burn either during or after physical activity by measuring naturally occurring compounds in your breath. We make your breath count.


Our handheld device can be used anywhere that you exercise: indoors, outdoors, in the workplace, home or gym. You do not need to breath continuously into Fabulyzer. Unlike other smart devices you do not need to either wear or keep Fabulyzer with you all day and all night. Just when you exercise. Where and when you want to.

Smarter Time

Make better use of your time:
Real-time, synchronized dashboards of fat burn either during or after exercise, to your display of choice
Fat Burn Profile instantly recognises your individual metabolism
– An optimized exercise menu tailored to your fat-burn requirements, based on our smart learning and feedback software.


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Meet Our Team

Vincent Lauer

CMO (User experience/Marketing & Fitness Fanatic)

Vincent Lauer graduated from university in 2014 and decided to not jump straight back into banking. He joined the team to provide user insights and work on a marketing strategy for Fabulyzer, but is still partial to getting lost in an Excel spreadsheet or two. An equal lover of technology and fitness, Vincent will no doubt be Fabulyzer’s first customer.

Gokul Ramakrishnan

CIO (Machine Learning & Architecture, DJ Centro)

Gokul Ramakrisnan has worked in the industry for around 6 years, specializing in optimization/machine learning and software engineering domains. He has extensive experience working in Blue-chip organizations with a focus on storage and design automation tools for chip design. He has an MSc from the College of Computer and Information Science (Northeastern University, Boston). He is a DJ & loves photography.

Dr. Prashanth Makaram

CTO (Engineering & Nano Hardman)

Dr. Makaram is a recognized expert in hardware and nano-material sensor engineering and production, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Prash graduated with a Post-Doc degree from MIT and obtained his PhD from Northeastern Univeristy, Boston. He is also the co-founder of Alpha Szenszor Inc and has won the ‘100 Young Innovators Award’ at the Moscow International forum for Innovation Development.

Ed Gonsalves

CEO (Business Development & Chief Chai Chef)

Ed Gonsalves has over 15 years experience in new venture creation and growth . He is Founding Director at Cooplexity Institute , Barcelona. Ed is Pathway Leader in Entrepreneurship for the MA & MBA Program at the European Business School, London and a Visiting Professor Entrepreneurship, Toulouse Business School, Barcelona. He loves Rugby, Carnival and Nigeria.

Behind The Scenes